Frequently Asked Questions

Why test my water?

If you’re on a private well supply, you should be testing your own water because no else is going to.

If you’re on a public water supply your water utility company works very hard to treat and test your water so it’s safe to drink. What happens after your water leaves their meter and travels to your tap is a different story. The most common way water gets contaminated is through old infrastructure such as lead service lines or your own home’s plumbing.  Testing the taps in your own home is really the only way to ensure you’re water is contaminant free.

How Will I Receive The Results Of My Water Test?
You will receive your water test results via email within 14 days of your sample being returned to the lab.

What If My Results Are Higher Than The Maximum Contamination Level (MCL) As Defined By The EPA?
If the results of your water test come back higher than the maximum contamination levels (MCL) as defined by the EPA, we will provide recommendations as outlined by the CDC among other credible resources.

I Have Questions. Who Can Help?
You can email us at with any questions.

What is a bottle-less water system and is it right for me?

What is bottle-less water?
A bottle-less water system does not require a 3 or 5 gallon bottle/jug of water to be inserted onto the cooler, but rather routes water into the cooler directly from your home or business water source. No more purchasing, storing, and changing out bottles. With simple installation, you will have high quality filtered or purified water at your finger tips.

Is bottle-less right for me?

Absolutely! Bottle-less makes $ense! If most of what you drink is bottled water, assuming you drink three 16 oz. bottled of water per day, Those 3 bottles per day would cost you ~$3/day or $780.00 per year. With our environmentally friendly stainless water bottles, tap water filtered system by HIQH2O is $200 less, installed with certified lead test.

What are the cost of the filters?

Semi-annual filter cost begins at $45.00 Filter maintenance varies depending upon water quality and consumption.

Do you have a water source?
A water source access point will be located at a sink, in a kitchen, in a bathroom, or in a break-room.

Can you run your water line without being in the way of foot traffic and other things?
The water line will run from the water source to the cooler. Most consumers run the waterline along the “kick plate” that is underneath the cabinets near their water source, but it can also run along a trim base board or be threaded through walls.

Do you live in an area with hard or soft water?
A traditional bottle-less system’s carbon filter will not eliminate hard or soft water. If you live in an area with hard or soft water, you may want to consider using a Reverse Osmosis System (RO System) to help reduce chemicals, and particles even further.

Can I install a bottle-less water system?
• Do you have 45-60 minutes to set up the cooler and waterline system?
• Do you have a Phillips head screwdriver?
• Do you have an adjustable wrench (crescent wrench)?
Our water line installation kits can be installed easily. No other parts or hardware are required for the basic install of your bottle-lessss water system.

I don’t want to install the system myself, can HIQH2O install it for me?
Absolutely! Contact us and we’ll take care of everything for you.

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